• These Cutting wheels have been desinged with a specialty and proprietary combination of virgin grains from very high-quality ceramic and aluminum oxide. Combined with a unique bonding agent allows EXTREMELY long life in a broad range of metals.
  • Sand Star cutting wheels are designed to outlast DeWalt, United Abrasives, Walter, Weiler, BlackHawk, and Metabo.
  • Sand Star cutting wheels excel on Stainless, carbon steel, rebar, high alloy, plastics, as well as other non-ferrous metals.reciprocating blades.
  • These .045 cutting wheels allow minimal resistance for very high-speed cutting. Simply no faster wheel to cut metal.
  • Much faster than using reciprocating blades.
  • Angle grinders
  • Cutting Ferrous Metals like Iron, Steels, Welds, Rebar
  • Cutting High Alloys and Stainless

  • Hazmat: No