• A gas-shielded flux-cored wire with better control of hydrogen levels and excellent impact toughness at 0℃.
  • It is generally used for welding of ASTM CA6NM castings, materials, with similar composition, and turbines of hydro plant.
  • This wire is designed for the welding of soft-martensite stainless alloys of the 13% Cr-4% Ni-Mo types.
  • It is a rutile type flux cored wire for all position welding.
  • It features very good ductility, toughness and crack resistance.
  • Excellent arc stability, low spatter low, uniform slag cover, and good removability.

E410NIMOT1-1.045 X 33# SP

  • Manufacturer list price: $25.71
  • Manufacturer: Techniweld USA
  • Brand: Filler Metals
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Hazmat: No
  • UOM: LB
  • Package quantity: 33
  • Weight (lbs): 35
  • Width (in): N/A
  • Length (in): N/A
  • Height (in): N/A
  • AWS Alloy: 410T-0-1
  • AWS Class: A5.22
  • Packaging Size: 33 Lb
  • Welding Process: FCAW