• It contains silicon additives which result in improved fluidity of the weld pool.
  • It has a bright weld finished making it a popular choice for welders.
  • Commonly referred to as “AlSi5", has a 5% silicon and is the oldest and one of the most widely used aluminum welding wires for general purpose applications.
  • Used for welding grades 6061, 6063, 5052, 3004, 3003 and cast alloys 356.0, 357.0, 413.0, and 443.0 to name just a few.
  • Increases fluidity of the weld puddle and leaves a bright shiny weld deposit.
  • Brazing of 1100 and 3003 can be accomplished with free flowing 4043 composition.
  • Aluminum filler materials are silicon-aluminum types for welding of 6052 and 6063 types; in some cases, other aluminums are also welded with this type.

  • Hazmat: No